With many years of experience, we provide complete Odor Control solutions!

Application in municipal waste bins.
The odor control system BIOSMON is attached to the upper point or the inner corner of the bin so that it does not come into contact with the waste ensuring the most efficient use of the odor control product. In this way it is allowed to create a free space of action and contact with unpleasant odors. The metal construction of the system, made of galvanized sheet metal ensures the retention of the odortrap. BIOSMON ODORTRAP sm, corrosion resistance and proper operation. It works 24/24, without batteries or power supply.
 The OTS CASE consists of perforated galvanized sheet metal with rectangular holes.
 It is used as a permanent case / shell, where the odortrap is placed BIOSMON ODORTRAP sm.
Under the grill, we place horizontally 1 ODORTRAP sm.

In each garbage truck, we place 2 ODORTRAPS lg inthe opposite side of the truck, like the image below:
1) We create a "wall" with ODORTRAPS lg. at 2m height at a distance of 2-2.5m.
The number of ODORTRAPS depends on the size of the region LANDFILLS in the direction we have odors.
2) We place 1 ODORTRAP lg. inside the biogas outlet pipe.
Dissolve the deodorizer BIOSMON liquid in water 1: 100 (1 lt material in 100lt water), and with a classic sprayer we spray the waste bin inside and outside.
With 1 lt of Biosmon BIOSMON liquid we can spray 200 large waste bins.
With washing (washing machine):
 Add to the washing machine (usual type 4,000 liters of water together with the detergent), the product 150ml BIOSMON liquid and wash the waste bin
With 150 ml of Biosmon liquid we can wash about 150 large waste bins.
After cleaning (with simple detergent) of the surface where the water from the fish or meat has fallen, spray with Biosmon BIOSMON liquid.
 With 1lt product BIOSMON liquid dissolved in 100lt water, we can spray 1300m2.