Collection & Recycling of cooking oil

The bottle

The eko3r system includes a bottle for recycling used cooking oil. The purpose of this receptacle is to help the public in the cooking oil recycling process.
To this end, residents will be provided at all times with at least one of these bottles in their homes in which to deposit their used oil and, once it is full, they can exchange it for a clean one at one of the containers available in their municipality.
Furthermore, it is a modern receptacle that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, either in the cupboard or on the worktop.

Characteristics of the bottle

It has an ergonomic design for better traction. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, either in the cupboard or on the workbench.
The bottle has a secure and reliable closure, which prevents oil loss over time and
thus avoiding any leaks. It has a wide and tight mouth that allows the user to easily pour the cooking oil. It has a special transparent line 1 cm wide that runs the entire height of the bottle to the lid, so that the user knows at all times the level of fullness of the bottle.
It withstands temperature and is resistant to impact.
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why use our bottle?

The bottle is one of the key aspects; moreover, it is one of our strengths.
Other systems accept all kinds of receptacles for depositing cooking oil. However, the washing process for each material is different and so in most cases the necessary level of cleanliness is not achieved for subsequent recycling of the container.
We have designed and placed in the hands of our residents a container that is repeatedly reused by users and, in approximately 4-5 years’ time, it is recycled with the material being turned into secondary raw material for a new bottle.
In this way, the end of life of one bottle is cyclically related to the beginning of another. We encourage the reuse of these bottles and their subsequent recycling, without harming the environment.