With many years of experience, we provide complete Odor Control solutions!

Solutions for Pumping Stations

 Place  BIOSMON ODORTRAP sm οn the perimeter of the ventilation tank, every 2m to prevent the spread of odors.


  • At the entrance of the sewage
  • Pre-processing stage

 Ozone generators OZONEGEN

The application of the odor control system includes a centrifugal fan, placed at the end of a PVC air duct and an Ozone Generator.

The osmotic gases are led to the fan where the ozone is inserted - by Generator O.3  - which inactivates them, so that they are eliminated at the exit and the environment is odorless.

Sewage management is an important aggravating factor for each wastewater treatment plant, both environmentally and economically.

The ENVIA SA, in collaboration with PROTE PL, a company with international experience and renowned staff, can provide an effective and guaranteed solution to the problem of sludge management.